04 February 2008

Reykjavík frá loftinu (Reykjavik from the air)

Reykjavík from the air. Recently I was surfing the net trying to find some photos of Reykjavík and other places in Iceland that were not the normal, everyday pictures that seem to pop up when the average tourist shows you their pictures from their one and only trip to the island. Most of the time you will see shots like the shots taken from each of the four sides of the bell tower in Hallgrímskirkja. I get tired of seeing those whenever I see a collection of shots from a trip there.
This first picture was taken from the air--as were all of the photos in this particular blog entry--and shows downtown Reykjavík with tjörnin, part of Esja and a good deal of area 101. The apartment I lived in for four months or so of my time in Iceland back in 1985 is in this photo and just behind fríkirkjan to the right of the pond.
Another nice shot, which I am betting was taken in July. No tourist would come home with this shot. I don't think I every realized before seeing this picture how much of a landmark Hallgrímskirkja truly is. This picture seems to show how fully it dominates the landscape in all directions.

This is one of those ubiquitous shots that I must admit came from my camera in the bell tower of Hallgrímskirkja.
But I redeem myself with this one, from a similar spot in the air as the previous air shot, but in winter. Still quite beautiful....No matter how you look at it, Reykjavík is a city of unique and breathtaking beauty.

Seeing the city from this perspective helps a person to appreciate it in ways that are not possible from the ground. My dad would employ an "eagle vs. duck" example about now and he would be right. I'll let you think about that one.

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