07 February 2008

Ég er í raun að fara aftur! (I'm really going again!)

I am really going again! I bought a plane ticket today. On March 1st I fly from Salt Lake City to Boston, and then from there straight to the Keflavík airport in Iceland. I arrive early on Sunday, the 2nd, just in time to clean up and go to church in Reykjavík with the Icelanders. I expect the view could look something like this first picture, but likely with a little less snow over the whole island--and not from so high up. We'll be staying the first night at the Sunna Guesthouse--inexpensive and clean. I haven't stayed there before, but the senior couple there now, the Wohlgemuths, use it for all the guests and church members who come to visit.

I hope to spend some time with each of the six missionaries who are there right now. Their names are Elders Teodoro, Lyon, Redford, Brockmann, Higgins and Soelberg. This is a picture of the six of them with the Wohlgemuths who help to lead them while there. They are all standing in the same apartment that all the senior couples have used since almost the beginning with the first couple, the Geslisons. I stood in this same room many times over twenty years ago.

Church with the members. A fireside that night put on by my traveling companion, Fred Woods. Lecture at the University of Iceland the next day. Visit with the missionaries. Travel around the hringbraut to take pictures and record oral interviews with people along the way about what they know about the Mormons. Good weather hopefully. Mun vera afar ágæt til að ganga um göturnar og landið þar aftur!

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