16 November 2010

Nýr þáttur fjölskyldu okkar (A New Part of our Family)

Shauna Hoj is the mother of Taylor Hoj. Taylor is in his last few weeks of MTC training and will very soon be off to the land of the Icelanders. Shauna sent me an email a few days ago with a link to the Danish Mission Newsletter. The link is http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?aeojpo41sn3viio. It just so happened that in this particular newsletter, pictures of her son, Taylor, and his two companions in the MTC were shown. So the newest three elders about to arrive on the scene are:

Taylor Hoj from Salt Lake City.

Skyler Wilden from Henderson, Nevada.

Samuel Whitworth from Idaho.

The newsletter also included the picture of another senior couple who I had not heard about yet:
Öldungur & Systir Callaway, who I assume are recently arrived in Iceland. Don't know anything about them. Will need to start asking some questions!

15 November 2010

Önnur hjón! (Another couple)

A colleague just came into my office with some happy news. He said that a couple from his home town in Nevada just got their mission call to serve in Iceland. They are Nick & Bonnie Bowler from Logandale, Nevada. At first they were going to Denmark. Brother Bowler served his mission there. But then they were asked to go to Iceland. They enter the MTC in March 2011. Here is their picture. And hallelujah for willing servants to go to a land they know nothing about!