16 March 2010

Nýir Trúboðar...Aftur (New Missionaries...Again)

Whether I pay attention or not. Whether I get busy in my regular life or not, new missionaries continue to go to Iceland to help the great people there understand who they are in the Great Plan of Happiness. The newest additions to the missionary group in Iceland are ones who have been married many years. They are David and Bonnie Ashby. David is of Icelandic descent, but I don't know if Bonnie has any Icelandic blood. She may be like me, adopted into the family because I was blessed to associate with people like David and others in Iceland.

David and Bonnie had their farewell in Orem, Utah a few weeks ago in their ward. I was able to attend and saw a number of faithful Western Icelanders in attendance. I could tell from their talks that each would have a very specific impact on those they served in Iceland because of their individual talents. The Ashbys have been a steady and active part of the Icelandic Association of Utah for many years. For a long time I thought they actually lived in Spanish Fork since I saw them all the time there.

David has started a blog to allow us all to be vicarious participants in their adventures. It is at http://davidogbonnie.blogspot.com/. If we can't be there, this just might be the next best thing!