02 February 2008

Úr bygging minni (Outside my building)

Outside my building. In the last year and a half since I've gotten a digital camera I've been taking pictures everywhere. The freedom to take pictures of anything and everything I want did not exist when I was in Iceland in 1985. I still took tons of photos, but was always conscious of how much it was going to cost to develop the film and had to factor that cost in. I am glad to have seen the day where digital cameras are available to almost anyone.

This first picture is what you see right when you come out of my office and into the parking lot of the administration building at BYU. Some late February 2007 shots as the trees are just starting to bud with the bell tower in the left of the picture. The next few shots were taken looking further to the right down thisWasatch Mountain Range. This is what the students see as they go from class to class during the year. We have very unique and memorable mountains.

If you look out the second floor conference room window during a summer rain storm, this next picture is what you would see.
If you look the opposite direction out the back doors of the administration building into the heart of campus at BYU on a rainy summer day, this is what you would see. Definitely not a depressing environment to work in.

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