17 July 2008

Helmingur Trúboðanna (Half of the missionaries)

I have been gathering a collection of photos over the last 3 or 4 years of all the missionaries who have ever served in Iceland as Mormon missionaries. There have been 161 of the young missionaries to have served thus far since 1975. I have at least one photo of all but 13 of them. Still working on getting at least one of these elusive thirteen.

Here is a collection of 14 pictures which include about half of all those who have served.















MiriamR said...

There is none of Badger, Peirce, Hoopes, Hyldahl, Cochran and some others. I can't remember who came with Badger. Oh and Luthy but he went by a different name.

Darron said...

I'm still collecting pictures for the mission archive and have yet to get even one picture of about 13 of the 163 who have ever served. I am slowly getting them though. I'll add more to the blog as I get them. If you and Dan have any pictures of these guys, I'd love to have a copy...Luthy what an unfortunate name if you are in Iceland. Great for the U.S. though.

Hera said...

I have photos lying around of the missionaries from when I was baptized in 1976. I even know their names hehe. Should I send you any photos I have of missionaries that I do not see on your blog?

Hera said...

One thing has always bothered me. Brother snd sister Payne were a very important part of the start of the church in Iceland. I don't hear much about them and the important work they did in Iceland. They taught me The Plan of Salvation when I was 12 years old around 1972-1973. I have never forgotten that lesson. I was so impressed with the idea that I could go elsewhere besides hell. I was pretty sure at that time I would not make it to heaven.
The Payne's were in Iceland when it was basically communist. It was very hard living in Iceland at that time. We had so many restrictions when it came to consumer goods. Their life was very tough in Iceland. The Payne's were set apart by a general authority to be special missionaries in Iceland at the time. They were also asked to look into the possibility of a mission being opened in there.
I have been in contact with them for years. This is a part that is missing in Icelandic church history. This was a very important part of my life.

Darron said...

My copy of Fire On Ice by Fred Woods is in my office at work. Are the Paynes included in his research? I thought I remembered reading about them.

Hera said...

I have not seen the book only the dvd.

Unknown said...

My name is Kirk Martin, and I served in your 83-87 time frame of Icelandic missionaries. That picture shows elders: Anderson, Nordel, and ___. I know I have photos of at least 3-5 missionaries that served with me. If you are still interested in photos, please let me know where to send them.