11 September 2007

Skrifstofu heimsókn (Office Visit)

Office Visit: I was on the phone last week in my office at BYU and all of a sudden I look out into the waiting room and who should I see but Unnur Ólafsdóttir. She was at BYU last year and the year before but decided during the summer to stay home in Iceland to finish school. She had told me about a month before that she felt strongly that she should stay in Iceland to finish up. I was disappointed, of course, but could tell that she was at peace with her decision.

The picture here to the left is of her when she dropped in. But the other yahoo in the picture is Friðrik Guðmundsson. He has been here at the Y for a few years with his wife Stephanie. They both just graduated and he will now be starting a masters program in Social Work. Unnur won't be around any more, but at least Friðrik will be.

I was especially surprised to see Unnur because I knew she wasn't going to be coming back to school and our fall semester just started. So naturally I thought she had changed her mind. When asked she explained that she was only here for a visit to get her things from her old apartment and then head home after a week or two.

Just about a week or two before that, another person came into my office who had served in Iceland. Jason Mortenson. He got home from Iceland in February of this year and has married in that time to a girl named Candice. His choice of spouse will give his kids a very good chance of being exceptionally cute (ha ha). They are living in Utah county as Jason is trying to get his school completed over the next few years. Jason and Candice came to the missionary reunion we had back in April and Jason bore his testimony then.

I get lots of visits and enjoy chatting with any and all who have lived or served in Iceland. I will just have to rely on Friðrik though for the next year or two for all of my questions about Icelandic which must be directed to a native.

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