26 May 2006

Time to Reconnect

Steve Andersen ('83-85) and I visited Iceland and Denmark recently in conjunction with the showing of Fire on Ice to the saints in Iceland. It was a wonderful trip, and a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends. I encourage all of you who read this, to reestablish your ties with the friends you made while serving in Iceland. This "Blog" will serve as a vehicle for all of us to get reconnected with each other, and the Saints we love so much. Please visit www.icelandmission.com and get registered. Steve and I both have the most recent copy of the Branch Directory. Call us or send an email if you need to find someone. We will be happy to help.
Dale Tanner.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Melva Geslison and the twins, Dave and Dan, were also there while we were there.


Anonymous said...

I have a copy of the most recent branch directory, so if anyone needs any contact info, let me know if Steve and Dale can't be found.

Steve Andersen said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm only the mom of a former missionary, and I think this site is going to be terrific. We love and pray for the saints in Iceland, too. Danice Tanner

White Raven said...

This site is brilliant!
Thank you so much for your time and heart-felt kindness.

I truly appriciate it.